Where’s Wall Street in Hendersonville?

One sunny afternoon when the Mrs. and I were out walking around downtown Hendersonville, something caught my eye, and I snapped a photo and squirreled it away for another time. And not in one of those white squirrel ways that predicts six more weeks of winter. I’m looking at you Pisgah Pete.

Hendo has a Wall Street. Now the casual observer may wonder why I’m making such a big deal about a small road that’s off an avenue that’s off of Main Street in downtown Hendersonville.

Wall Street, Hendersonville
There’s a Wall Street in Hendo

But if I was a betting man, I’d bet many of you didn’t know that Hendersonville has a Wall Street.

Okay, okay already. There’s a Wall Street in Hendersonville. Why is this so important to me?

It’s important to me because I didn’t know it was there until I went off the proverbial beaten path and found it.

The Mrs. and I were discussing this very thing last night as she created some inspiration for this blog post. Not being residents of Hendersonville, we’ve spent a great deal of our tourist time on Main Street, what I’d consider the crown jewel, if you will, of Downtown Hendersonville. And I imagine many tourists do the same.

Let’s face it. Main Street has nice wide sidewalks, always-freshly-planted planters, lots of foot traffic, delicious aromas emanating from the restaurants on both sides of the road and lots of things to see and do. Why venture off that beaten path when Main Street has all the food / gifts / activities / museums / books / shopping / galleries / antiques / musical instruments / pinball machines you like?

The Art Mob, Hendersonville
Art Mob in Hendersonville

Because you just might find something you love.

Think of the travelers who pull into town off I-26 and discover Hendo is a friendly, authentic city and they love it. Think of the waterfall chasers headed for Transylvania County who stop in and they too love it. Think of the young couple preparing to start their lives together in Asheville but discover Hendo one weekend and they love it.

Do you know why the Mrs. and I love it? Because we came for the Apple Festival and we loved it instantly.

Hendersonville’s side streets and avenues have places to love. In fact, the Mrs. and I wouldn’t have found our new favorite place for yummy hot chocolate, The 2nd Act, had we stayed on Main Street. We may not have found the wonderful florist we love had we not ventured down an avenue.

Have you ever seen the huge Jump Off Rock mural in downtown? That location, called the Brooks Building, houses Brooks Tavern and housed many businesses before it and is located on 3rd Avenue West. Have you seen the signage for Oklawaha Brewing? Take a trip down 1st Avenue East to find it. Have you visited Art Mob Studios? They’re less than a block off Main Street on 4th Avenue East.

Take a walk around downtown Hendo. Where will you find your Wall Street?

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