After some busy weekends and iffy weather scenarios, the Mrs. and I made it back to Hendersonville over the weekend. In case you haven’t noticed, we love it there.

First stop was McFarlan’s Bakery there on Main Street in downtown. That glass case was full of treats again on this visit. From lemon cake squares to creme horns to eclairs and so much more, it was hard to choose. In the end, a couple of standard chocolate chunk cookies was what we decided to get. The Mrs. pointed out that their sugar cookie designs followed an Easter pattern this time of year and I saw some basketball- and baseball-themed cookies. And the delicious coffee hit the spot. Such nice people there working behind the counter too.

Then it was off to take some photos for the website, of course! Love the mural on the side of the Brooks Building for Jump Off Rock.

Visit Jump off Rock Every Day is a Special Day in Hendo
Jump Off Rock Mural on the Brooks Building

We spent several hours exploring more of Hendersonville, some of which we had seen before but wanted to see again. Other parts were new. I’m looking forward to Apple Country coming alive again this summer as the orchards open up and folks from miles around come to Hendersonville to experience its delicious apples and apple-based goods. I saw Coston Farms, Barnwell’s Apples, Grandad’s Apples, Mountain Fresh Orchards and some others on our ride out Hwy 64 through Edneyville.

On the way back into town, we stopped off and grabbed some food from Brooks Tavern and popped in to the Hendersonville Curb Market to see what the local artists and artisans had for sale, then made our way over to the Henderson County Courthouse, where we learned some history about Hendersonville and the Mrs. pointed out a couple of Kermit Edney’s books. Let’s just say I’m now the proud owner of a signed edition of Kermit Edney Remembers. If you read my Hitched Like a Camper post, you’ll know I can’t wait to dig into that book.

The Mrs. wanted to go check out the family favorite Sherman’s Sporting Goods and let’s just say I’m the proud owner of not only a signed edition of Kermit Edney Remembers, but also of a new Hendo t-shirt from the folks at Sherman’s. The nicest ladies work in that store, by the way. Always a pleasure to go in and say hi. They are just another reason why I think Hendersonville is an Authentic City.

The Mrs. bought me some ice cream there at Kilwin’s and we sat outdoors and enjoyed every last bite. That cappuccino chocolate chunk is just delicious. The downtown streets were fairly busy with people and the weather was just beautiful.

Soon after, it was back to exploring more of Hendersonville before calling it a day and heading back home.

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